Wednesbury, Walsall Postcode

Currently there are 822 active Postcodes in Wednesbury.

Wednesbury Postcode Information

Postcode Area WS (Walsall)
Active Postcodes 822
Postcode Format WSX-XXX
Country England

Nearby Cities/Towns:

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List of Postcodes in Wednesbury, Walsall, England. Select the Postcode unit from the list below to find more information.

Postcode Street Ward District Latitude Longitude
WS10 9TU Franchise Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.565817 -2.023694
WS10 9LB Hill Street Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.568171 -2.028107
WS10 8EE Slater Street Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.570516 -2.032535
WS10 9QH Houliston Close Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.563544 -2.006994
WS10 9RU Westbury Avenue Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.567427 -2.018251
WS10 0TY Gloucester Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.556344 -1.997848
WS10 8PY Hewitt Street Darlaston South Walsall 52.566476 -2.043375
WS10 0DF Hydes Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.551516 -2.009455
WS10 9HZ Joynson Street Darlaston South Walsall 52.565033 -2.02899
WS10 8RT High Street Darlaston South Walsall 52.560288 -2.052559
WS10 7JN Wednesbury Trading Estate Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.558956 -2.029753
WS10 0RP Park Hill Friar Park Sandwell 52.558915 -1.997951
WS10 9AH Oakeswell Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.553008 -2.014543
WS10 9AR Addison Terrace Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.551272 -2.018126
WS10 0EJ Eldalade Way Friar Park Sandwell 52.548765 -1.993778
WS10 8TU Peach Avenue Darlaston South Walsall 52.569381 -2.041785
WS10 9EA Delville Road Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.559039 -2.017185
WS10 0LQ Friar Park Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.553249 -1.9795
WS10 9EJ Arundel Avenue Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.55574 -2.017228
WS10 8NU N/A Darlaston South Walsall 52.576878 -2.041762
WS10 9JL Walsall Road Darlaston South Walsall 52.566803 -2.034037
WS10 0RU Devon Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.559769 -1.99801
WS10 8HZ Rubery Street Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.575972 -2.035652
WS10 0RW Rachael Gardens Friar Park Sandwell 52.559778 -2.001122
WS10 9DP Vicarage Road Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.557062 -2.015105
WS10 7PP Cross Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.553671 -2.025767
WS10 8TG Park View Darlaston South Walsall 52.569829 -2.045267
WS10 9PJ Manor House Road Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.558302 -2.020475
WS10 8TS Charles Foster Street Darlaston South Walsall 52.569012 -2.042935
WS10 0DH Hydes Road Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.549125 -2.007389
WS10 9PD Fred Smith Close Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.563454 -2.006226
WS10 0JP Manor Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.553763 -1.990872
WS10 8RJ Curtin Drive Darlaston South Walsall 52.557484 -2.048986
WS10 0BD Cedar Road Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.550536 -2.012537
WS10 9BF Cobden Street Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.567957 -2.02101
WS10 7QS Broadwaters Road Darlaston South Walsall 52.561587 -2.040449
WS10 8BZ Richards Street Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.575569 -2.030989
WS10 0TQ Coronation Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.555256 -1.99739
WS10 8RQ Grocott Road Darlaston South Walsall 52.559632 -2.050478
WS10 8UB Wolverhampton Street Darlaston South Walsall 52.571356 -2.047865
WS10 0NN Globe Street Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.544862 -2.016693
WS10 9LR Old Park Road Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.558013 -2.025504
WS10 7PQ King Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.55306 -2.025236
WS10 0BW Lilac Grove Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.549331 -2.013215
WS10 8GD Teal Grove Darlaston South Walsall 52.553313 -2.048391
WS10 7RU Dangerfield Lane Darlaston South Walsall 52.56308 -2.039256
WS10 7HD Union Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.552512 -2.020693
WS10 8NB Bird Brook Close Darlaston South Walsall 52.573408 -2.040519
WS10 0QR Moor Street Friar Park Sandwell 52.551633 -2.004322
WS10 8SF Castle View Road Darlaston South Walsall 52.560026 -2.053562
WS10 8JB Booth Street Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.577015 -2.034591
WS10 9HS Victoria Place Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.553574 -2.010532
WS10 0TU Harewood Avenue Friar Park Sandwell 52.556793 -1.999677
WS10 8UU St Georges Close Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.572601 -2.034543
WS10 0DA Wedgbury Close Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.546985 -2.012285
WS10 8RL Curtin Drive Darlaston South Walsall 52.558428 -2.049238
WS10 7DX N/A Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.551549 -2.026164
WS10 8NH Rough Hay Place Darlaston South Walsall 52.571987 -2.043041
WS10 8LX Kendricks Road Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.57469 -2.020541
WS10 8RA Allen Drive Darlaston South Walsall 52.567824 -2.044704
WS10 8QD Wiley Avenue Darlaston South Walsall 52.566152 -2.044422
WS10 9EX Windmill Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.556172 -2.015193
WS10 9RW Cook Street Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.569791 -2.021247
WS10 8DP The Leys Darlaston South Walsall 52.569184 -2.037786
WS10 8TT Marston Avenue Darlaston South Walsall 52.568652 -2.041504
WS10 7RS Victory Avenue Darlaston South Walsall 52.561783 -2.043901
WS10 7ST New Cross Street Darlaston South Walsall 52.56238 -2.032219
WS10 8TX Wolverhampton Street Darlaston South Walsall 52.569568 -2.044854
WS10 7LU Bannister Road Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.548553 -2.03473
WS10 9HR Galahad Way Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.551389 -2.015663
WS10 7LL Great Western Street Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.549598 -2.028537
WS10 7QN Rowley View Darlaston South Walsall 52.558207 -2.038735
WS10 8EN Bell Street Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.571711 -2.035059
WS10 8QP Heathfield Lane West Darlaston South Walsall 52.566457 -2.047535
WS10 9EQ Hollies Drive Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.554455 -2.016697
WS10 9NN Ash Road Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.562428 -2.019931
WS10 9QT Wood Green Road Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.563176 -2.004722
WS10 9TR Blenheim Drive Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.565286 -2.023192
WS10 7DY St James Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.551999 -2.02612
WS10 0JD Carisbrooke Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.549583 -1.991374
WS10 9TE Oatmill Close Darlaston South Walsall 52.564908 -2.028193
WS10 7NE Charlotte Road Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.547483 -2.035998
WS10 0DJ Shaftesbury Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.550248 -2.006284
WS10 7EP Monway Terrace Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.553598 -2.029823
WS10 7JU Willingsworth Road Wednesbury South Sandwell 52.5468 -2.034832
WS10 8DF Oberon Grove Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.580136 -2.027834
WS10 9EZ Windmill Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.555075 -2.014441
WS10 9LU Old Park Road Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.558948 -2.023602
WS10 9SA Park Lane Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.566582 -2.01561
WS10 8SW Burns Road Darlaston South Walsall 52.563496 -2.053713
WS10 0PW Darby Road Friar Park Sandwell 52.557036 -2.005149
WS10 7RZ Lodge Road Darlaston South Walsall 52.562613 -2.036954
WS10 9QQ Hazel Avenue Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.560955 -2.014088
WS10 8SE Castle View Close Darlaston South Walsall 52.559981 -2.054727
WS10 8SY Pinfold Street Darlaston South Walsall 52.566173 -2.036323
WS10 8DQ Picturedrome Way Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.567702 -2.03479
WS10 8AH Victoria Road Bentley and Darlaston North Walsall 52.570238 -2.030852
WS10 7TB Woden Road West Darlaston South Walsall 52.560601 -2.031259
WS10 7PU Meeting Street Wednesbury North Sandwell 52.553949 -2.027183
WS10 7RB Heath Acres Darlaston South Walsall 52.560354 -2.043059