Barming, Rochester Postcode

Currently there are 37 active Postcodes in Barming.

Barming Postcode Information

Postcode Area ME (Rochester)
Active Postcodes 37
Postcode Format MEX-XXX
Country England

Nearby Cities/Towns:

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List of Postcodes in Barming, Rochester, England. Select the Postcode unit from the list below to find more information.

Postcode Street Ward District Latitude Longitude
ME16 9EZ Priorsdean Close Barming Maidstone 51.263414 0.465832
ME16 9QA Bell Farm Gardens Barming Maidstone 51.266025 0.471663
ME16 9NL North Pole Road Barming Maidstone 51.268665 0.459088
ME16 9PW Springwood Road Heath Maidstone 51.269905 0.479599
ME16 9ET South Street Barming Maidstone 51.262483 0.470742
ME16 9PQ Springwood Road Heath Maidstone 51.270856 0.480109
ME16 9NF Springwood Road Heath Maidstone 51.270142 0.479856
ME16 9EU Bull Orchard Barming Maidstone 51.26365 0.471737
ME16 9NW Oakapple Lane Heath Maidstone 51.270902 0.481345
ME16 9NX Springwood Road Heath Maidstone 51.270579 0.479607
ME16 9HB Tonbridge Road Barming Maidstone 51.263111 0.470389
ME16 9ED Abingdon Road Heath Maidstone 51.265989 0.476808
ME16 9PG Springwood Road Heath Maidstone 51.270352 0.479294
ME16 9HF North Street Barming Maidstone 51.265677 0.471559
ME16 9PP Springwood Road Heath Maidstone 51.269608 0.480443
ME16 9LB Long Rede Lane Heath Maidstone 51.268849 0.478066
ME16 9PR Springwood Road Heath Maidstone 51.269023 0.481301
ME16 9DY Belmont Close Barming Maidstone 51.267262 0.473163
ME16 9HG North Pole Road Barming Maidstone 51.269089 0.470523
ME16 9HW Matterdale Gardens Barming Maidstone 51.264102 0.469883
ME16 9NH Tonbridge Road Barming Maidstone 51.263874 0.465384
ME16 9HQ Apple Tree Close Barming Maidstone 51.266625 0.472255
ME16 9BE Rectory Lane Fant Maidstone 51.262319 0.479363
ME16 9HH North Pole Road Barming Maidstone 51.269274 0.467752
ME16 9JU Heath Road Heath Maidstone 51.267977 0.477216
ME16 9PT Catherine Close Heath Maidstone 51.269404 0.479472
ME16 9LP St Andrews Close Heath Maidstone 51.267087 0.483978
ME16 9NJ Tonbridge Road Barming Maidstone 51.259179 0.455128
ME16 9HD Cedar Drive Barming Maidstone 51.264524 0.468658
ME16 9PN Nicholas Close Heath Maidstone 51.268907 0.480004
ME16 9HE North Street Barming Maidstone 51.265489 0.47109
ME16 9EX South Street Barming Maidstone 51.26166 0.47054
ME16 9PS Edmund Close Heath Maidstone 51.270171 0.481047
ME16 9NY Springwood Road Heath Maidstone 51.270491 0.480348
ME16 9HA Church Lane Barming Maidstone 51.26105 0.469189
ME16 0ZJ Marigold Way Heath Maidstone 51.270536 0.482916
ME16 9EY South Street Barming Maidstone 51.261367 0.469966