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WV Postcode Area (Wolverhampton)

WV Postcode area consists of 18 Postal districts (also known as Outward codes).

Currently there are 10,374 active postcode units in WV Postcode area.

Area/Regions coming under Postcode area WV:

Whitmore Reans, Perton, Pattingham, Tettenhall, Low Hill, Bushbury, Heath Town, Fordhouses, Fallings Park, Featherstone, Wednesfield, Brinsford, Wombourne, Wall Heath, Codsall, Pendeford, Rakegate, Bilbrook, Wolverhampton City Centre, Horseley Fields, East Park, Albrighton, Penn, Warstones, Merry Hill, Parkfields, All Saints, Blakenhall, Bradley, Bilston Town, Short Heath, Lodge Farm, Shepwell Green, Willenhall Town, Finchfield, Compton, Castlecroft, Bridgnorth Upper, Bridgnorth Lower.

As per 2011 Census data from Office for National Statistics, WV Postcode area has a population of 396,187 spread across 162,933 households.

WV Postcode Format

Postcode Area WV
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List of Active Postcode Districts in WV

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Postcode Area Region Active Postcodes Population Households
WV1 Wolverhampton City Centre, Horseley Fields, East Park Wolverhampton 716 16423 6559
WV2 All Saints , Blakenhall, Parkfields Wolverhampton 421 15148 5892
WV3 Finchfield, Compton, Castlecroft Wolverhampton 614 29731 12689
WV4 Penn, Warstones, Merry Hill, Parkfields Wolverhampton 742 34296 13603
WV5 Wombourne, Wall Heath South Staffordshire 456 15539 6521
WV6 Whitmore Reans, Perton, Pattingham, Tettenhall Wolverhampton 1040 44689 18500
WV7 Albrighton Wolverhampton 192 6897 2600
WV8 Codsall, Pendeford, Rakegate, Bilbrook Wolverhampton 417 15926 6751
WV9 Pendeford Wolverhampton 185 7108 3112
WV10 Low Hill, Bushbury, Heath Town, Fordhouses, Fallings Park, Featherstone, Wednesfield, Brinsford Wolverhampton 1124 56292 22476
WV11 Wednesfield Wolverhampton 660 34832 14792
WV12 Short Heath, Lodge Farm Wolverhampton 506 25417 10460
WV13 Shepwell Green, Willenhall Town Wolverhampton 502 20903 8440
WV14 Bradley, Bilston Town Wolverhampton 1001 46937 19207
WV15 Bridgnorth Lower Shropshire 291 8415 3567
WV16 Bridgnorth Upper Shropshire 565 17634 7764
WV98 Non-geographic Wolverhampton 431
WV99 Non-geographic Wolverhampton 511

There are no inactive Postcode districts in WV.