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TF Postcode Area (Telford)

TF Postcode area consists of 13 Postal districts (also known as Outward codes).

Currently there are 6,817 active postcode units in TF Postcode area.

Area/Regions coming under Postcode area TF:

Broseley, Market Drayton, Telford, Madeley, Sutton Hill, Newport, Shifnal, Randlay, Hollinswood, Dawley, Wrockwardine, Wellington, Priorslee, Much Wenlock.

As per 2011 Census data from Office for National Statistics, TF Postcode area has a population of 212,536 spread across 85,637 households.

TF Postcode Format

Postcode Area TF
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List of Active Postcode Districts in TF

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Postcode Area Region Active Postcodes Population Households
TF1 Wellington Telford and Wrekin 1045 37279 15072
TF2 Priorslee Telford and Wrekin 1092 38698 15628
TF3 Randlay, Hollinswood Telford and Wrekin 623 23831 9095
TF4 Dawley Telford and Wrekin 534 18285 7522
TF5 Telford Telford and Wrekin 118 5372 1982
TF6 Wrockwardine, Telford Telford and Wrekin 278 5183 2085
TF7 Madeley, Sutton Hill Telford and Wrekin 507 17769 7173
TF8 Telford Telford and Wrekin 170 3027 1339
TF9 Market Drayton Shropshire 982 25488 10222
TF10 Newport Telford and Wrekin 615 18828 7353
TF11 Shifnal Shropshire 421 9677 4230
TF12 Broseley Shropshire 230 5378 2324
TF13 Much Wenlock Shropshire 202 3721 1612

There are no inactive Postcode districts in TF.