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HR Postcode Area (Hereford)

HR Postcode area consists of 9 Postal districts (also known as Outward codes).

Currently there are 6,301 active postcode units in HR Postcode area.

Area/Regions coming under Postcode area HR:

Hereford city centre, Ledbury, South Hereford, North Hereford, Bromyard, Kington, Ross-on-Wye, West Hereford, Hay on Wye, Leominster.

As per 2011 Census data from Office for National Statistics, HR Postcode area has a population of 176,308 spread across 75,400 households.

HR Postcode Format

Postcode Area HR
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List of Active Postcode Districts in HR

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Postcode Area Region Active Postcodes Population Households
HR1 Hereford city centre Hereford 1077 32147 13462
HR2 South Hereford Hereford 1269 39167 16167
HR3 West Hereford, Hay on Wye Hereford 425 7515 3396
HR4 North Hereford Hereford 892 29989 12977
HR5 Kington Hereford 240 4823 2093
HR6 Leominster Hereford 776 20525 8921
HR7 Bromyard Hereford 277 7017 3081
HR8 Ledbury Hereford 555 14179 6199
HR9 Ross-on-Wye Hereford 790 20946 9104

There are no inactive Postcode districts in HR.