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HG Postcode Area (Harrogate)

HG Postcode area consists of 5 Postal districts (also known as Outward codes).

Currently there are 4,372 active postcode units in HG Postcode area.

Area/Regions coming under Postcode area HG:

Harrogate, Scotton, Knaresborough, North Stainley, High Grantley, Pannal, High Meadows, Killinghall, Spofforth, Bishop Monkton, Glasshouses.

As per 2011 Census data from Office for National Statistics, HG Postcode area has a population of 138,214 spread across 59,455 households.

HG Postcode Format

Postcode Area HG
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List of Active Postcode Districts in HG

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Postcode Area Region Active Postcodes Population Households
HG1 Harrogate Harrogate 970 34465 15579
HG2 Harrogate Harrogate 734 33033 14105
HG3 Pannal, High Meadows, Killinghall, Spofforth, Bishop Monkton, Glasshouses Harrogate 1122 26342 11026
HG4 North Stainley, High Grantley Ripon 975 26000 10933
HG5 Scotton, Knaresborough Harrogate 571 18374 7812

There are no inactive Postcode districts in HG.