Seaford, Brighton Postcode

Currently there are 808 active Postcodes in Seaford.

Seaford Postcode Information

Postcode Area BN (Brighton)
Active Postcodes 808
Postcode Format BNX-XXX
Country England

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List of Postcodes in Seaford, Brighton, England. Select the Postcode unit from the list below to find more information.

Postcode Street Ward District Latitude Longitude
BN25 2AG Glebe Drive Seaford Central Lewes 50.776031 0.104333
BN25 2XQ Chartwell Close Seaford West Lewes 50.786471 0.100446
BN25 1JW St Johns Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.76979 0.100323
BN25 3PY Alfriston Road Seaford South Lewes 50.778252 0.115781
BN25 3TX Hythe Crescent Seaford East Lewes 50.777667 0.13011
BN25 1LB Little Place Lane Seaford Central Lewes 50.772783 0.101393
BN25 3BZ N/A Seaford North Lewes 50.784475 0.118318
BN25 3TL Walmer Road Seaford East Lewes 50.777256 0.128971
BN25 4JB Chyngton Way Seaford East Lewes 50.768115 0.126698
BN25 2XA Alexandra Close Seaford West Lewes 50.783915 0.099055
BN25 2RF Hawth Park Road Seaford West Lewes 50.7796 0.084889
BN25 4QW Sutton Road Seaford South Lewes 50.775539 0.116098
BN25 3RA Manor Road North Seaford East Lewes 50.7746 0.121744
BN25 1HT Steyne Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.770363 0.101951
BN25 1LZ Broad Street Seaford South Lewes 50.771794 0.102867
BN25 2LH Kings Mead Lane Seaford Central Lewes 50.779458 0.097792
BN25 2UF N/A Seaford West Lewes 50.790012 0.086558
BN25 3SF Pevensey Close Seaford East Lewes 50.77976 0.123353
BN25 3BS Lexden Road Seaford North Lewes 50.780715 0.112899
BN25 3HE Vale Road Seaford North Lewes 50.780067 0.115409
BN25 2XN Whiteway Close Seaford West Lewes 50.788737 0.102435
BN25 1AH Ashurst Road Seaford South Lewes 50.770291 0.106941
BN25 2BU Kedale Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.777965 0.100831
BN25 4HQ Chyngton Place Seaford South Lewes 50.769181 0.120534
BN25 1LR Church Street Seaford Central Lewes 50.77157 0.100843
BN25 4AR N/A Seaford East Lewes 50.758634 0.14497
BN25 1ES Pelham Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.770829 0.099547
BN25 1NF Broad Street Seaford South Lewes 50.772828 0.102388
BN25 1AB Mercread Road Seaford South Lewes 50.772049 0.105701
BN25 2DE Salisbury Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.775005 0.098372
BN25 2NR Surrey Road Seaford West Lewes 50.778382 0.089133
BN25 1AP Bramber Road Seaford South Lewes 50.770156 0.108906
BN25 3TT Bodiam Close Seaford East Lewes 50.776728 0.129826
BN25 3RX Farm Close Seaford East Lewes 50.775836 0.124991
BN25 2JG Grosvenor Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.776042 0.096249
BN25 2TH Hurdis Road Seaford West Lewes 50.78856 0.073682
BN25 3NF Bydown Seaford South Lewes 50.776965 0.116319
BN25 1BL Corsica Close Seaford South Lewes 50.767491 0.109594
BN25 4LR Sutton Avenue Seaford South Lewes 50.772813 0.121592
BN25 1QU Sutton Park Road Seaford South Lewes 50.773087 0.102996
BN25 3AH Pinewood Close Seaford North Lewes 50.780015 0.107321
BN25 2HZ Bowden Rise Seaford North Lewes 50.785452 0.105551
BN25 4JQ South Way Seaford East Lewes 50.767157 0.12847
BN25 4EU Micklefield Way Seaford South Lewes 50.771714 0.122181
BN25 2NG Hawth Way Seaford West Lewes 50.777538 0.092571
BN25 4BP Chyngton Lane Seaford East Lewes 50.772253 0.131098
BN25 4PL Hartfield Road Seaford South Lewes 50.773906 0.114904
BN25 2QA Claremont Road Seaford West Lewes 50.776523 0.087944
BN25 2PS Connaught Road Seaford West Lewes 50.775994 0.091381
BN25 2TN Holmes Close Seaford West Lewes 50.788682 0.072368
BN25 1ST Gildredge Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.774841 0.107939
BN25 3QX Normansal Park Avenue Seaford North Lewes 50.785117 0.113154
BN25 2EG Belgrave Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.776489 0.095857
BN25 4NF Kingston Close Seaford East Lewes 50.772473 0.12396
BN25 1TT East Albany Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.77628 0.109479
BN25 3HP North Way Seaford North Lewes 50.78457 0.107072
BN25 4QJ Sutton Road Seaford South Lewes 50.774727 0.111792
BN25 3HD Vale Road Seaford North Lewes 50.780192 0.113968
BN25 3RN Stoke Close Seaford East Lewes 50.775041 0.121707
BN25 3EW Barn Close Seaford North Lewes 50.785195 0.119258
BN25 4QL Downs Road Seaford South Lewes 50.774638 0.114228
BN25 2LP Carlton Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.780157 0.096461
BN25 3HW The Ridings Seaford North Lewes 50.784201 0.109112
BN25 1EB Dane Close Seaford Central Lewes 50.770951 0.097241
BN25 2DZ Claremont Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.775448 0.094222
BN25 3QH Alfriston Road Seaford North Lewes 50.780518 0.120239
BN25 2EH Wilmington Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.776787 0.097289
BN25 4HB Chyngton Road Seaford South Lewes 50.769469 0.111116
BN25 2SJ Hurdis Road Seaford West Lewes 50.786623 0.079385
BN25 1RU Sutton Road Seaford South Lewes 50.772593 0.103456
BN25 2HN Firle Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.782039 0.101823
BN25 3AX Belgrave Crescent Seaford North Lewes 50.781983 0.10992
BN25 3UP Perth Close Seaford East Lewes 50.775059 0.127679
BN25 1TJ Heathfield Road Seaford South Lewes 50.772281 0.11025
BN25 4EL Fairways Road Seaford East Lewes 50.769309 0.128326
BN25 2LE Carlton Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.778306 0.097385
BN25 3DH Rose Walk Seaford North Lewes 50.778341 0.107416
BN25 3JD Lucinda Way Seaford North Lewes 50.784955 0.108664
BN25 3DR Valley Rise Seaford North Lewes 50.779086 0.109464
BN25 3QR Short Brow Seaford South Lewes 50.778609 0.113953
BN25 3BH Quarry Lane Seaford North Lewes 50.781948 0.115806
BN25 1PY Bramber Lane Seaford South Lewes 50.77082 0.105532
BN25 2LJ Carlton Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.779141 0.097437
BN25 3UT Stirling Close Seaford East Lewes 50.775354 0.129721
BN25 2UN N/A Ouse Valley and Ringmer Lewes 50.798183 0.085787
BN25 1HF Church Street Seaford Central Lewes 50.771028 0.100974
BN25 2BB Claremont Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.774431 0.098786
BN25 2RJ Hawth Park Road Seaford West Lewes 50.780608 0.08787
BN25 3LR Landsdown Road Seaford East Lewes 50.78314 0.127919
BN25 4DJ Cuckmere Road Seaford East Lewes 50.770426 0.127242
BN25 1LL Dane Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.772528 0.100077
BN25 3DS Northcliffe Close Seaford North Lewes 50.779585 0.110734
BN25 2BD Claremont Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.774659 0.098116
BN25 4BN Chyngton Lane Seaford East Lewes 50.774322 0.132568
BN25 3JT Hillside Avenue Seaford East Lewes 50.781944 0.126417
BN25 4PS Arundel Road Seaford South Lewes 50.773706 0.118512
BN25 3HS Holters Way Seaford North Lewes 50.7827 0.105555
BN25 3AD Upper Belgrave Road Seaford North Lewes 50.779453 0.106076
BN25 3UR Elgin Gardens Seaford East Lewes 50.775136 0.130307
BN25 2BY Kedale Road Seaford Central Lewes 50.776358 0.102135