Amberley, Brighton Postcode

Currently there are 28 active Postcodes in Amberley.

Amberley Postcode Information

Postcode Area BN (Brighton)
Active Postcodes 28
Postcode Format BNX-XXX
Country England

Nearby Cities/Towns:

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List of Postcodes in Amberley, Brighton, England. Select the Postcode unit from the list below to find more information.

Postcode Street Ward District Latitude Longitude
BN18 9LS North Stoke Chantry Horsham 50.888333 -0.547727
BN18 9NE Church Street Chantry Horsham 50.908591 -0.535205
BN18 9NA School Road Chantry Horsham 50.907226 -0.534637
BN18 9LR Houghton Bridge Chantry Horsham 50.896433 -0.542412
BN18 9LX Turnpike Road Chantry Horsham 50.906485 -0.531545
BN18 9ND Church Street Chantry Horsham 50.90862 -0.537551
BN18 9LP Houghton Bridge Chantry Horsham 50.897226 -0.542544
BN18 9NQ Hog Lane Chantry Horsham 50.909507 -0.535817
BN18 9NF Church Street Chantry Horsham 50.90905 -0.538093
BN18 9LT Station Road Chantry Horsham 50.903001 -0.539847
BN18 9NS Crossgates Chantry Horsham 50.911213 -0.521325
BN18 9LZ Mill Lane Chantry Horsham 50.903544 -0.53077
BN18 9NT Crossgates Chantry Horsham 50.912261 -0.518163
BN18 9NG The Alley Chantry Horsham 50.909234 -0.537034
BN18 9LY High Titten Chantry Horsham 50.900431 -0.538519
BN18 9NH Hog Lane Chantry Horsham 50.909258 -0.535369
BN18 9NX Hurst Close Chantry Horsham 50.908843 -0.53167
BN18 9NR Crossgates Chantry Horsham 50.911393 -0.522088
BN18 9NL High Street Chantry Horsham 50.908731 -0.53348
BN18 9NJ High Street Chantry Horsham 50.909061 -0.533996
BN18 9LU Station Road Chantry Horsham 50.904876 -0.538038
BN18 9GY Houghton Bridge Chantry Horsham 50.898142 -0.543184
BN18 9NB School Road Chantry Horsham 50.907556 -0.533688
BN18 9NW Arun Close Chantry Horsham 50.909398 -0.530045
BN18 9FF Newland Gardens Chantry Horsham 50.907765 -0.531021
BN18 9NP East Street Chantry Horsham 50.909029 -0.529246
BN18 9SR The Square Chantry Horsham 50.908368 -0.533918
BN18 9NN East Street Chantry Horsham 50.909466 -0.531864